Grand Tour of Catalonia

Director: Fran Arnau

Producer: Roser Cedó and Ana Mira

Country: Spain

The Grand Tour of Catalonia is a circular itinerary to discover the essence of Catalonia. It takes us along the scenic roads of Catalonia, weaving together the art, history, gastronomy, landscapes, people and traditions of a unique territory nestled between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, connecting cultural icons, natural settings and gastronomic pleasures that defne this land?s personality, in both rural and urban settings. More information:
Publicise the Grand Tour of Catalonia, a road trip that allows you to discover a wide variety of landscapes both on the coast and inland to enjoy Catalonia in your own car. Communicate that there is a wide range of activities on offer in Catalonia throughout the year that enables tourists to discover lesser-known areas of the territory while also highlighting our commitment to the environment and sustainable tourism.