Let yourself be loved ("Deixa't estimar")

Director: *Stock footage (Film editor Pere Cabañas)

Producer: Guitart Hotels

Country: Spain

The hotel chain has built a very strong relationship with its customers and clients throughout its more than 65-year history. With a tailor-made offer for each of them and with the sole aim of satisfying their desires and needs.For the campaign, in the middle of the sixth wave of the pandemic, we have chosen for a commercial with the use of stock footage mostly and some of our own archive, for budget reasons and also for not having any chance  to shoot our own images. Instead, we have opted for the voice of famous actor Lluís Homar to reinforce the message and at the same time link the brand with a personality of great prestige.This is our love story and we launched the campaign for Christmas and Valentine's Day.
After a long season of pandemic and restrictions, we want to strengthen the relationship with existing clients and, as a love story, we present ourselves to them in order to reaffirm, now more than ever, our feeling of deep love and gratitude.