Director: Viktor

Producer: VIKTOR

Country: Zambia

This short film takes viewers on a journey through a Black Panther-inspired wedding ceremony via scenes that are rooted in the romance of African culture and the unity that love often leads to. We start by setting the scene with clips of elements native to Africa and, in particular, Zambia: dried flowers, provisions, cultural dancers, a strings section, and hand-carved wooden elements (each sourced from local artisans) come together to create an aesthetic and experience that feels authentically African and undeniably celebratory. Here, the viewer feels momentum and wonder build.We?re then introduced to the main story: a beautiful Zambian bride making her way down the aisle to marry a groom from South Africa. We watch as the two partake in a traditional wedding ceremony?surrounded by 48 troops from 18 different tribes across Africa who have all come to celebrate their love. (Worth noting is the fact these were all true tribespeople in the shoot?not models or actors. Our team worked diligently to ensure that what we created was authentic and true to Africa?and that it embodied the spirit, vibrancy, soul, and luxury you?ll find running deep across this diverse continent.)We then watch as the ceremony is complete and the newly-married couple is met with warmth and acceptance in a scene that?s rooted in revelry and joy. We watch as tribespeople from various cultures across Africa line the ceremony aisles and dance, celebrate, and bask in the beauty of a new union. The message? In love, there is always unity.The film then takes us to the majestic Victoria Falls, a natural wonder of the world?and the gem of Zambia?that was showcased in Marvel?s Black Panther film. Rain begins to pour, and feelings of awe and gratitude build as we watch the couple bathe at the top of Victoria Falls.Finally, we end with a group of female African warriors adorned in red, wielding spears in a scene that?s defined by a perfect balance of both grace and strength. Amongst the group are grandmothers, daughters, and pregnant women carrying the promise of the next generation. Each woman has a different story, a different background, different struggles and successes that define her path?yet they all stand as together as one, in agreement and unity.
As a Zambian woman and three-time cancer survivor, I can?t begin to communicate the impact Chadwick Boseman?s death had on me. The story of wanting to leave a legacy while battling a disease that often makes the smallest tasks a challenge?of wanting to uplift Africa and its people in the eyes of the world through your work?was one that resonated deeply with me.After his passing, I found myself watching Black Panther over and over?and was constantly reminded how proud that film made people of African descent. Our accents were suddenly understood, our diversity suddenly embraced, and our distinct cultures were showcased in a meaningful way. I wanted to continue to share that pride through my own work in a way that encouraged others to find pride in their roots and to embrace Africa and all of its wonders. The goal of this short film stems from that distinct desire.My team and I wanted to create a Black Panther-inspired short film that showcased African culture, generated excitement for African vacations and weddings, honored Chadwick Boseman?s death, and?more than anything, showed audiences that those scenes from the movie happened in places that actually exist. In short, we wanted to show audiences that Africa is indeed real?and that it?s full of marvels waiting for them to experience. While Zambia?s Victoria Falls is a natural wonder of the world, many people outside of the African diaspora who saw the Marvel Comics? film Black Panther had no idea that the breathtaking waterfall shown right before T'Challa's throne ceremony is a real place?a place they can visit and experience for themselves. Our aim was to create a short film that showed its viewers the vibrancy, diversity, and incredible natural wonders awaiting the world in Africa.As someone who has spent two decades as a wedding planner and event producer, the best way I knew how to recreate these iconic scenes while achieving our goals for the film was to reimagine them as wedding scenes. The film depicts a wedding ceremony of pride and unity, where warriors and tribespeople from dueling cultures come together to celebrate one love (a story that was inspired by the ?unity is more powerful than separation? theme Black Panther centers on). My team and I felt that this wedding-centric reimagination of Black Panther added a distinct layer of soul and relatability to the film. We want engaged couples to see the film and realize that Africa?not Italy, not Paris?is the ideal place for their destination wedding. We wanted viewers to watch this film in awe and wonder?to become curious, excited, overwhelmed with joy, and determined to experience for themselves all that our rich continent has to offer.