Valencia in a five-star experience

Director: Only YOU Hotels-Marketing Department

Producer: Only YOU Hotels-Marketing Department

Country: Spain

People from all over the world discover the city of Valencia every day from the Only YOU Valencia hotel. But what really makes this hotel an icon for the city is its ability to become part of it and of the lives of thousands of Valencians. A place to feel the spirit of the city and share it with others. A place called home.At the architectural level, the space stands out for its luminosity, thanks to its large doors and amazing windows. A symbol of openness that seeks to connect the city with the interior of the hotel. A place without visual barriers. An opportunity for travelers and Valencians to meet.The play of colors, the fusion with different textures and the nod to local craftsmanship in the various ceramics, in addition to the work of Sorolla as inspiration in the design of the hotel, manages to place our senses in the city of Valencia.
This production was created to defend the hotel's nomination for the "Design that integrates the environment" award in the hospitality category. That is why this video compile numerous scenes that show the main pillars on which the project was built and on which the essence of Only YOU Valencia revolves day by day to turn the space into a true reflection of the city. In a place open to the public, where the Valencian and the traveler meet, immersed in a local essence.