Can Buch. A change of habit, a change of priorities, a change of life.

Director: Ruben Llorach

Producer: Irene Alfambra

Country: Spain


The video captures the personal transformation of Gerard, a guy that was a footballer and lived in the city. Living a very materialistic lifestyle focusing on success and the ego.

At 21 years old he was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma and he had to have an operation and to do radiotherapy and chemotherapy with an uncertain prognosis. 

The illness changed his life purpose and priorities to live in the countryside and transform a building in ruins into a hotel. Now Can Buch is a rural hotel, a place in the middle of nature where you can find peace, health and love. 

The documentary allows us to see the process involved in the change of Gerard´s life, including all of the problems and difficulties that he had found along the way. 

A vision close to his chest with sincerity, overcoming a personal transformation. A vision that was born for sharing love and nature.


The purpose of the film was to show the changes in Gerard´s life, through the difficulties of his health problems and how he transformed his life. The film was created to inspire others, to open people to the different possibilities that can become available when you are able to change your mindset. With one problem, you can create new opportunities.