A door to Emporda / Una porta a l'Empordà

Director: Jona Fernandez

Producer: Ana Arjol

Country: Spain

We see images of chaos in the city. One person is standing in the middle of a street while the rest of the people are walking up and down. There is a lot of noise. Suddenly, a door appears. Silence. The person opens it and the sounds of nature begin to be heard. When it passes on the other side, it reaches a spectacular natural setting in the Empordà.We see 5 images from 5 different places. The images show extras doing some activity.Closing. We see the same person walking through the door enjoying a sunset.It crosses and is transported to do different activities in the Empordà.Each capsule will feature one of the most developed spot activities:?A door to the beach? ?A door to gastronomy? ?A door to nature? ?A door to the vineyards? ?A door to culture? ?A door to adventure?
Looking for an audience that comes to the Empordà that is sensitive to the environment that comes to respect it, we want to move away from mass tourism, and value the natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage that exists in the Empordà