Baqueira Is Baqueira

Director: Nil Torremocha

Producer: Nil Torremocha

Country: Spain


IT'S SKIING, IT'S SNOWBOARD, IT'S SENSATIONS, IT'S THE SNOW, IT'S THE MOUNTAIN, IT'S ARAN, IT'S ?NEU#BAQUEIRAESBAQUEIRAHow could we explain to you? Yes, how to explain the sensations unique, freedom, sliding in the immaculate powder at two thousand meters, thelandscape, mountains, gastronomy, the charms of the valleys...All the experiences lived during a few days of skiing in Baqueira? Yes, thewords are missing. And experiences abound. This is why the bestdefinition of Baqueira... it's Baqueira.


The objective of each promotional video for the season is to encourage and encourage lovers of snow and winter sports to visit us again or to discover us for the first time. We want to show part of what Baqueira Beret can offer.