Fly & Feel the Rush of Historic Places - Sydsjalland (series)

Director: Anders Kongshaug

Producer: vnr.TV v/ Kongshaug Production

Country: Denmark


The excitement is created from the fast, risky filming through historic and rare rooms. The filming brings you up the old stairs, passing expensive historic pictures, and fly you out of small windows, into parks with people walking among the flowers and much more incredible difficult and high tech controlled flying drone while recording.The editing is adding a new dimension with the connecting edits and natural sounds.


The goal is people watch mush more than a few seconds of the social media film,about a museum and a castle. What are the places about?To fascinate for more than the average few seconds and instead learn about the historic place.Visitors may not come and see the places, but the films are in a few months already seen by more people, that is visiting for a full year.Sounds are also added in order to keep people captured.