Vilamoura Nautical Station

Director: Filipe Madeira and Ricardo Lopes

Producer: DNA Films

Country: Portugal


This film tells the story of a navigator who arrives in Vilamoura by sailboat to enjoy a few days of vacation. With her, we will explore and discover the charms of the Loulé region, while also promoting the services and amenities offered by the Vilamoura Nautical Station.The film intends to convey a strong message capable of promoting and stimulating the services and resources of the Nautical Station. Our goal throughout the entire film is to capture the viewer's attention by using subtly thought-out analogies to highlight the versatility of the resources of the Vilamoura Nautical Station.Through emotionally appealing communication and aesthetics, we will use unconventional conceptual transitions to link landscapes and products, textures and craftsmanship, gastronomy, and socioeconomic activities.In this way, we intend to connect the local people and cultures with the visitors, highlighting the art of hospitality that is so characteristic of the Algarve. At the same time, we will establish a connection between distinct scenes, such as the Vilamoura Congress Center, the Loulé Market, and the Ria Formosa Boardwalks, with nautical activities or other services of the Vilamoura Marina.


Promotion of the services and resources of the Vilamoura Nautical Station