Torna a Tossa de Mar

Director: Jordi Marin Perez

Producer: Ferran Curós Soy

Country: Spain


A girl looks at the sea on a beach. The waves come and go as we listen to her inner thoughts: "The waves always come back, like the visitors to Tossa de Mar". Suddenly the music starts and, following the beat, we hear two voices reciting some of Tossa de Mar's most attractive features, its local gastronomy and its best-known accommodation, as the images illustrate the concepts.


The message is that Tossa de Mar is a place you can always come back to, as it has a lot to offer: landscapes, gastronomy, hotels and restaurants. This is explained through the common thread of the waves that come and go. The spot seeks to synthesize the attractions of the municipality in a fun and rhythmic way, to the beat of a melody, while an agile montage of images accompanies the concepts.