Raíces. Nuestra verdad.

Director: Joan Gurí

Producer: Joan Gurí

Country: Spain


A hotel with soul, a project with roots. Gerard, at the age of 21, was diagnosed with a tibia tumor. He decided to change his life.He traded professional soccer for a garden. He changed the city, for the countryside.There he found peace, found his truth and his future.He took a farmhouse in ruins and rehabilitated it with natural materials, artisans, geobiology and fengshui.The hotel, being in the forest, works 100% with renewable energy.Through a volunteer project they run the farm and share life and time with the clients who are going to stay at the hotel.A tourism with roots, connected and with an ideology very close to our ancestors.A real vital experience, in total connection with nature and with all the luxuries of the 21st century.A different tourism, a significant tourism. An experience that changes you.This hotel is not a business, it is a life project. A real life and connected with nature, sustainability and respect for vital rhythms.


The purpose is to generate a stimulus and make society question, a different lifestyle. A special tourism.Understanding life and health as something much closer, necessary and important. Something that can be created, achieved and shared.Something that is born from questioning our day to day to value things that we often do not give importance to.The simple things are sometimes the most important.