Pyrenean ski resorts take action against climate change

Director: David Alvarez Roman

Producer: David Alvarez Roman

Country: Spain


Alp (Girona) - The ski resorts of the Pyrenees have taken action against climate change with measures to reduce its impact on the environment to a minimum in a season marked by high temperatures and a shortage of snow, which is a major threat to these facilities.The different facilities, both on the Spanish, French and Andorran sides, are aware that their viability depends on the sky and that the prospects are complicated, so they have set to work on sustainability.All the cannons are of the latest generation, which means greater efficiency in terms of saving electricity and water, and for the last three years, all the energy consumed has been renewable.The support for renewables, especially solar and geothermal, has also helped some of these domains to neutralise the rise in energy costs and avoid their repercussion on the price of the fortfait.


The main objective of this video is to help a sector that is being criticized a lot and accused of being very unsustainable, but this is an assertion due to lack of information. They have been making efforts for years to reduce water consumption in the canyons, to run on green energy, etc.