The Light

Director: Romain Reglade

Producer: Ilos

Country: France


"The film is built as three short cinematic episodes. We wanted to highlight the international aspect of this Carlton Cannes re-opening by selecting personas with diverse cultural backgrounds. Each character would witness the same enchanting phenomenon in different parts of the world: a mysterious light shimmering in the horizon, symbol of the Carlton?s metamorphosis. The first episode narrates the discovery and appeal of the mysterious light. We chose locations which would resonate with the Carlton?s international clientele, and crafted a colour palette specific to each setting. The first film evolves from warm dawn tones in the desert, to cold and fresh tones in the snowy landscapes, leading us to golden hour in Paris, and elegantly finishing in the twilight hues of New York. The second chapter follows our characters in their odyssey towards the appealing aura: through skies and seas across the iconic landscapes of the French Riviera. The third chapter reveals the magical light: the Carlton Cannes in its full glory."


Social media, web, in room displays, press