New video Concept Hotel Group: ALIVE & KICKING!

Director: Xabi Goitisolo

Producer: Estudio Marco Torres

Country: Spain


Our hotels are characterized by their unique personality on the island of Ibiza, adding a touch of color and irreverence to all their creations. This video is a tour of all The Concept Hotels: Santos (which will return in 2024 in another location with many novelties), Dorado, Tropicana, Cubanito, Paradiso Art Hotel, Romeo's Motel & Diner, and Grand Paradiso. With a wide range of events and activities, we want to show that our hotels are alive, and the main reason is you?the customer who comes to enjoy all the possibilities offered by our cultural and leisure offerings.


Concept Hotel Group was born with the idea of giving a unique personality to all its hotels, making each of them special and different through a careful conceptualization down to the smallest detail, from the initial idea to the execution of each small element.The originality and uniqueness of each of the group's hotels is enhanced, so that each one of them is able to offer a genuine and different experience that stimulates the senses and in which the guest is the absolute protagonist.For Concept Hotel Group, a hotel is much more than a building where people stay. Our hotels are living spaces, stimulating, inspiring and original in all its aspects, and each of them aims to achieve a special, unique and immersive experience, where the set of experiences captures, captivates and remembers.The content of the hotels revolves around the following pillars:ART