Guitart Hotels Corporate Video 2023

Director: Pere Cabañas

Producer: Guitart Hotels

Country: Spain


We walk,we run,we swim,we ski,we jump,we move forward,and evolve with you,for when you feel like taking a break.We have gone through a dark period, marked by the pandemic and its various stages of confinement, first, followed by the various restrictions that followed, and for some time now by the return to normality, distorted in turn by the war in Ukraine. Despite all this and the forced pause, the pulse of life prevails and beats again strongly... until it needs to stop again, this time with full freedom.Usage of stock footage and own footage (shot in Lloret de Mar and La Molina). Original version in Catalan. Other versions in Spanish, French and English.


Campaign was conceived as a celebration of the return to normality, with the reactivation of activity and the need for people to move - also the essence of the act of traveling. And always leaving a much-needed space to stop and give priority to oneself.Reinforcing empathy and links with the public of the chain and doing so through suggestion, motivation, hope, gratitude and encouragement.