Immersive and interactive drawing experience for tourism & entertainment spaces

Director: Angel Armero

Producer: Broomx

Country: Spain


Bring Your Drawings to Life with MXCapture: Experience Total ImmersionCan you imagine being able to create a fully immersive and interactive experience with your drawings? Well, now you can with MXCapture! This innovative technology allows you to take your artistic creations to a whole new level and showcase your creativity like never before.MXCapture is an amazing solution for a wide range of spaces, from hotels and tourism resorts to entertainment centers and shopping malls. With its ability to create an immersive experience, visitors will feel transported to a completely new world.So how does it work? Simply scan your drawings with MXCapture and let the technology do the rest. Then, you can explore the endless possibilities of your artwork, bringing your imagination to life and demonstrating your creativity.Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the world of technology and art together! Discover MXCapture and experience total immersion with your drawings in an unforgettable interactive experience.


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