Timeless Tour

Director: Luís Pereira

Producer: Luís Pereira

Country: Portugal


The film "Timeless Tour by Tivoli" is both a celebration and a launch: a celebration of the 90th anniversary of Tivoli Hotels and Resorts and a launch of an exclusive 10 days journey through Portugal's most iconic hotels and locations for the ultimate experience.Dressed in casual chic and driving a classic convertible, a couple lives the time of their lives experiencing an array of luxurious tailor-made offerings, from soothing massages to delicate culinary creations and enriching local experiences. These details highlight Tivoli's array of services while conveying a sense of timelessness. Everything is taken care of in such a way that guests can truly immerse themselves in moments that will last forever.Like any unforgettable Tivoli stay, the film ends with a toast made with a very special vintage: a Portuguese Port wine from 1933.


Main goals:To increase the brand awareness of Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, both in general and specifically for the 90th Anniversary.To promote the Timeless Tour offer. This special program allows guests to experience the best of each location through Tivoli's expertise, with a 10-day stay at various properties in Portugal, including transfers between hotels.Secondary goals:Emphasizing the brand's attention to detail and capacity to cater to high-end clients, thus reinforcing the hotels' luxury status in the eyes of potential clients, partners and investors.Showcasing the quality the brand aims to achieve each day, instilling a sense of pride and motivation among the hotels' teams.Increasing brand awareness for the growing international portfolio of hotels and resorts from TivoliInspire guests to experience how people were travelling back in days when hotel stays were grand experiences and travelling meant to slow down life for a while (Slow life / Bene Vivere concept).Support/Drive Revenue; Improve Customer Experience; and Support Loyalty/Engagement.