El Bages, experience the pleasure of discovering it

Director: Arnau Costa Torrents

Producer: Arnau Costa Torrents

Country: Spain


The video starts explaining the geological origins of our region, el Bages, which is a UNESCO World Geopark with natural wonders like the Montserrat mountain.

This land has been providing all the things we need to live as human beings and develop a modern society.

However, humans have mistreated the planet and the fragile ecosystem, which is leading to face very dangerous consequences for the planet and the humanity.

Our generation must change this horrendous situation and restore the balance with the environment.

In our region, we are working to support an economy that values local products and to protect nature, traditions and the local society.

We invite you to come to visit us, discover our region and share these values.


The objectives of this video are:

- Inspiring and raising awareness about the importance of practicing and appreciating a more sustainable tourism, which respects nature and the local society, as well as having a positive impact on the development of our region.

- Attracting new visitors who want to practice sustainable tourism in our region. People who value and respect the natural environment, culture and traditions

- Making those companies committed to sustainability more visible among the tourist offer.