Aviation Sans Frontières - Ceci n'est pas un avion

Director: Clément Courbois

Producer: Adrien MARTIAL

Country: France

Aviation Sans Frontières, air force expertise at humanitarian service.For 40 years, Aviation Sans Frontières has provided the means and the skills of the aeronautical world at the service of humanitarianism, whether it concerns the missions it carried out thanks to the mobilization of the air network, operations carried out on its own aircraft or actions implemented in collaboration withflying clubs in France. Recognized as a public utility, it provides support essential logistics for thousands of players aid by guaranteeing the delivery of aid emergency and the transport of people anywhere in the world.NOTE : at the moment, we dont have the rights to use the music. We do have a copyright free version if needed.
Transmit the emotion through a video mixing 3D and archive images of the actions of Aviation Sans Frontières.